Dryden Fish & Game Club Shooting Range

Club shooting range is located on Johnson Road in Freeville, NY and features:

  • Two lighted trap fields (one handicap to 27 yards), both throw doubles.

  • 200 yards long rifle and pistol range with 7 shooting benches, equipment table and permanent wooden targets set at 25, 50, 100 and 200 yards. Targets can be rotated in and out of the line of sight (except at 200 yards). Hanging steel target at 100 yards (8") and two hanging steel targets at 200 yards (8" and 12"). Portable wooden targets.

Rifle range is positioned in the front of trap fields, so it cannot be used simultaneously with trap shooting. The range is closed during trap shooting and club events - please check events page before going to the range.

Rifle range can be used Monday-Saturday 8am-dusk, Sunday 10am-dusk. Rifle range is closed Tuesday 9am-2pm, Thursday 2pm-6pm and Sunday 10am-1pm.

Range rules are posted online (html and pdf flier) and on the range. The rules must be followed at all times!

Rifle range berm ends are marked on both sides with posts. Please make sure you always shoot in a way that your line of fire is hitting the backstop between the marks. Please refer to the pictures below for backstop side ends.


Spring range cleaning June 2020

Spring range cleaning May 2017

New benches installed June 2016

After spring range cleaning May 2016