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2019 Spring Rifle Range Clean-Up

Saturday June 8 10am - 3pm

(rifle range closed)

Dear DFG Club Members,

I would like to invite all Club members to come and help with the Spring Rifle Range Clean-Up on Saturday June 8 starting at 10am.

Please let me know your availability for clean-up day so we can plan accordingly - send e-mail to .

This year the range and the targets are in good shape. All four permanent target posts are sound and do not need any repair, two horizontal 4x4 need to be replaced (on 24- and 50-yard targets). We also need to replace rubber flaps on 25-yard target. I think the reason permanent targets are doing well is we have 3 portable targets and 3 permanent metal targets which took away some abuse from permanent wooden targets. All three portable targets are in bad shape and we will need to rebuild them. Steel targets are in good shape, as well as 200-yard plywood target.

Here is the list of the tasks I would like to propose for this year. Please let me know if you would like to add, change or modify the list.

  1. Trash removal. We need to clean all the accumulated debris from the range (entire range). I will provide trash bags; we will need some rakes and brooms (leaf rakes work best for brass).
  2. Paint the benches and tables with stain/wood protector. Repair anti-wasp mesh under the benches. I will provide the paint, brushes and mesh. In some places on older benches the paint flakes a bit so this year we will need to sand it.
  3. Replace horizontal 4x4 on 25- and 50-yard targets.
  4. Replace both rubber flaps on 25-yard target.
  5. We need to add stones below 100-yard steel target since the bullet splash is digging a deep hole there.
  6. Rebuild all three portable targets.
  7. Turn around 50-yard steel target.

There will be a lot of debris and trash to haul away. Please let me know if you have a truck registered in Tompkins Solid Waste Center, I will need help hauling the trash there, some may not fit into my SUV. I will of course pay all the fees for the trash.

It would be very helpful to have some extra tools. We will need leaf rakes, regular rakes and a broom for cleaning. It would be very helpful to have extra cordless drills with screwdriver bits to work on portable targets and hanging rubber flaps. A portable belt or disk sander would help a lot in removing flaking paint from some benches. Please let me know if you can bring any.

I will send you a remainder before the clean-up day.

Best regards,

DFG Rifle Range Master